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Celebrando nuestros orígenes  — Respetando nuestras lenguas

Embrace Our Origins  —

Respect Our Languages


Hodeeyaadą́ą́ Nihizaad

Nihániilyánígíí Tʼaadii Nihił Niłį́


In 1996, teachers from Dolores Gonzales Elementary School organized the first La Cosecha Dual Language Conference with a mission to network and share best practices. Hosted by Dual Language Education of New Mexico, La Cosecha has become the largest dual language conference in the country!

Featured Speakers

Dr. Christine Sims

Associate Professor, Educational Linguistics/American Indian Education

Mayra Canizales Cruz

Educator, Founding Partner of The Canizales Group

Dr. José Medina

Chief Educational Advocate

Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions

Dr. Juan Freire

Associate Professor

Brigham Young University

123 Andrés

Grammy Winning

Music Duo

La Cosecha conference provides a unique opportunity to share best practices and resources, build networks, and harvest the best of our community!  This national conference brings together the largest gathering of educators, parents, researchers, and practitioners supporting dual language, two-way immersion, one-way developmental bilingual, and one-way heritage language immersion programs from across the US. La Cosecha 2024 will offer you... 

Why attend La Cosecha?

La Cosecha provides you the opportunity to visit an established dual language school and learn how they are providing quality instruction and learning opportunities.

La Cosecha Pre-Conference Institutes respond to specific topics and needs of DLE classrooms, programs, and family and community needs. These one-day intensive institutes permit time for professional engagement and exploration of a particular topic/need.

  • Semillas y Raíces - Parent and Community Institute

  • Indigenous Summit

  • Student Leadership Institute

  • Powwow

  • Scholarship Fundraiser

  • Musical Peña

Shouldn't you be here, too?

La Cosecha Partners

La Cosecha Conference is presented by Dual Language Education of New Mexico 

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La Cosecha 2024 will take place at the Santa Fe Convention Center and nearby partner hotels. 

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