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La Cosecha® 2013 - 2019 all rights reserved.  La Cosecha is hosted by Dual Language Education of New Mexico, an educational nonprofit. For more information visit us online at or call us at 505-243-0648.

Pre-Conference Institutes

Wednesday – November 13, 2019

La Cosecha Pre-Conference Institutes will take place on Wednesday, November 13th and will respond to specific topics and needs of DLE classrooms and programs. These one-day intensive institutes permit time for professional engagement and exploration of a particular topic/need. Space is limited.

Attend any of the pre-conference institutes as a non-conference participant. Click here to register now! Or add a pre-conference to your registration by contacting Grace at


Instituto español académico

El objetivo es que docentes de habla inglesa conozcan y se acerquen a la propuesta curricular de la escuela pública en México para el desarrollo y adquisición del idioma español por medio de la comparación de acciones y procedimientos en las prácticas escolares de ambos programas educativos. (max 60 participants)


Math in the Real World: Making Math Relevant

K-8 mathematics teachers and district/ school leaders, come visit one of our local elementary schools to see the Inside-Out Problem™ in action with students. Learn how to take an assessment or text-book problem and turn the problem inside out so students are asking the questions and seeing the real-life application of math. The Inside-Out Problem™ is an engaging strategy that builds students’ positive disposition and adaptive reasoning while providing students many ways to be right. Participants will experience the strategies, see them in action with students in a classroom demonstration and have an opportunity to apply them to your own teaching/ position. An overview of DLeNM’s powerful mathematics framework, Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success (AIM4S³™), will be included. This session will be held at a local elementary school and will be presented by Evelyn Chávez, Erin Mayer, Lisa Meyer, and DLeNM’s AIM4S³™ trainer team.


Overview of OCDE Project GLAD®

Come learn about Project GLAD®, a model of teacher professional development from the Orange County Department of Education's National Training Center. This model is dedicated to building academic content knowledge and literacy for all students, especially language learners, in a classroom environment that promotes collaboration, risk taking, equity of voice and accountability.  During this one-day institute, participants will experience an overview of the big ideas behind Project GLAD® instructional strategies and protocols and participate in modeled Project GLAD® instruction. DLeNM provides the 6-day Project GLAD® Tier I Certification training for teachers as well as a customized Leadership Training for instructional leadership teams. This interactive session will be presented by DLeNM OCDE Project GLAD® Key Trainers.


Biliteracy in Action

Join authors Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow and the Center for Teaching for Teaching for Biliteracy team as they provide an interactive overview of the instructional and programmatic elements of teaching for biliteracy within a variety of dual language program models, including 90/10, 80/20, 50/50, two-way immersion, and one-way immersion - program models that use both one-teacher (self-contained) and two-teacher (partnering) resourcing.  Participants will experience elements of a biliteracy unit framework: the development of academic oral language, reading and writing instruction, content instruction, and the Bridge for transfer between languages and the development of metalinguistic awareness.  Participants will also review standards-based biliteracy curriculum maps that provide the organization for biliteracy instruction. (max 140 participants)


DLE Secondary Institute: Essentials for Planning and Implementation 

This institute explores the essential components of a secondary (7th – 12th grade) dual language education program model, including the instructional expectation and accountability of the dual language secondary classroom. The institute will be facilitated by veteran dual language teachers, educational leaders, researchers and students, who will speak to their experiences in implementing and sustaining a successful DLE program. Together we will explore the challenges and potential responses as well as celebrate the promising practice we have identified TOGETHER.  Facilitators will include the authors of Transforming Secondary Education:  Middle and High School Dual Language Programs, Drs. Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier, and published by Fuente Press - (max 100 participants)


Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Problem-Solving within Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS/RtI)

for Multilingual Language Learners  

This one-day intensive institute models a collaborative problem-solving process for school -based teams that  implement MTSS/RtI with multilingual learners. Participants will consider students’ academic challenges from a language learner perspective and from a special education perspective to interactively develop culturally and linguistically responsive instruction, interventions, and assessment. This institute will be presented by Cristina Sánchez-López and Theresa Young, authors of Special Education Considerations for English Language Learners: Developing a Continuum of Services, 2nd Edition (2012), Caslon Publishing as well as a new book in the Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom series, Focus on Special Educational Needs (2018). Oxford University Press. (max 100 participants)


Lecto-escritura al cuadrado: Aprendiendo y colaborando con educadores

The institute will provide an overview of Literacy Squared®, a comprehensive paired literacy program that has been designed to accelerate biliteracy development in Spanish-English speaking children. This model is both research based and research tested. This session will provide an overview of the comprehensive biliteracy framework, strategies used to focus on teaching the internal structures of each of the languages, and information on effective planned instruction including direct and explicit attention to cross-language connections.  This Institute is appropriate for K-12 programs; teachers and administrators are encouraged to attend. The session will be presented by Kathy Escamilla, Sue Hopewell, and Literacy Squared® Trainers.

CAL SIOP for Dual Language Programs: Developing Language and Content in Two Languages

This interactive institute is designed to provide participants with an overview on using SIOP methods in DL instruction. K-12 DL teachers and coaches will learn about the eight components of the SIOP Model while addressing the three pillars of DL programs: bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and socio-cultural competence. The Institute will include a variety of activities, including demonstrations, simulations, explanations and small-group tasks and will encourage reflection needed for each teacher to adapt the CAL SIOP methods to their own unique circumstances. No prior knowledge of the SIOP Model is required for participation. School teams are encouraged to attend together.


Preparing Our Teachers: National K-12 Dual Language Teacher Preparation Standards

This half-day institute (12:00-4:00pm) is for those interested in the development of national K-12 teacher preparation standards for universities preparing our future dual language teachers (  This institute is co-organized by Joan Lachance (UNC Charlotte), Michael D. Guerrero (UTRGV), and María Consuelo Guerrero (UTRGV) .  The agenda will also explore standard alignment with CAEP national program accreditation and, provide collaborative opportunities for professionally vetting the Standards and accreditation process.   – Breaking News:   CAEP has now adopted the NDLETPS with conditions.  The meeting will now include discussion on technical assistant needs of IHEs that will be adopting the standards, including the organizing of a review committee (SPA) to consider applications for standards use in the near future. Contact Joan LaChance ( for more information.  Cost for this institute is $65.00.

(max 50 participants)



Net proceeds from pre-conference registration fees will go to support research, advocacy, and teacher pipeline initiatives, including the Janet Montoya Schoeppner Memorial Scholarship Fund. Click here for more information.