Student Leadership Institute

The 12th Annual Student Leadership Institute will take place Thursday, November 5 - Saturday, November 7th as part of La Cosecha 2020!

This year's institute will bring together our state's linguistically and culturally diverse students to focus on issues of social justice, leadership, and environmental justice while developing an asset-based perspective related to their diverse backgrounds. 


Our menu of virtual break out sessions will keep your student leaders focused, thinking, networking, and expressing their voice.  Also, our unique tertulia conversations will be available to student leaders that look forward to the mentoring opportunities this activity provides. SLI 2020 Theme:



And Social Justice For All!


The mission of the DLeNM Student Leadership Institute is to support linguistically and culturally diverse youth to:

  • embrace language, culture, and history as source of power and responsibility; and

  • embrace the invitation to lead as a way to build partnerships with each other for future advocacy and the                                                                betterment of our communities.


SLI 2020 will begin with students reflecting and working together to define their roles for the day and the work

to which they are committing.  Students will then attend workshop sessions in the morning and after lunch. 

Some workshops will be student-led and all will support participants to reflect on ways to affect positive

change in their communities.


Tertulias (brief round-table conversations) will take place in the afternoon and create a space where

adult leaders will host intimate conversations about their own linguistic and cultural background and how their diverse experiences have helped them in their lives and along their career paths. They are intended to be informal and are a great way for adults to engage and briefly mentor our student leaders.


SLI truly is an investment in our collective future that has the potential to be a benchmark moment in the minds of each of the participating students.  As a networking opportunity for our future leaders, it ensures that our young people form strong and meaningful peer relationships at a young age, recognize assets, and develop a sense of responsibility, commitment, and concern for one another. Click here to download our informational flyer. 



  • This year's event will cost only $15 per student and the number of participants will be capped at 300.    

  • Don't wait until the last moment to register. The sponsor/teacher registration and the student applications are live and can be completed immediately. You do not have to wait for a Purchase Order (PO) or other form of payment prior to registering. Having accurate numbers up front will help us to be more efficient with logistical issues for this online event. 

  • Prior to attending SLI 2020,  you must ensure that your students have clearly identified which breakout sessions they wish to attend on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday morning will be dedicated to the Tertulia mentoring sessions you all know and love. 

STUDENTS: SLI is open to 6th - 12th grade students.

Participating students must be accompanied by a school sponsor and 

complete the registration and updated essay questions online, see registration below. 


Click here to download the informational flyer. Questions? Contact Adrian Sandoval at

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