School Visits

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

ONLY - $55

Session I • 8:30 am – 10:30 am 

Session II • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 

Note: All times are MST.

We are excited to announce that La Cosecha School Visits for 2021 will take place in a completely virtual setting. In this format, you will have the opportunity to visit an established dual language school and learn how they are providing quality instruction and learning opportunities in virtual, hybrid, and in-person contexts. Virtual School Visits will provide participants the opportunity to share and learn from districts in and outside the state of New Mexico. School visits will begin with a program overview, followed by demonstrations and celebrations and will conclude with a Q & A with a focus on leadership. When you select your program below, you will be assigned to either Session I or Session II. Notifications of your exact school assignment and information on your visit will be sent to via email the week of October 27th. 


The following programs will be available for school site visits. 


  1. K – 5 Elementary Programs:


a. In this program, students are instructed in English and Spanish utilizing a 50/50 model. Students represent a diverse, multicultural, multilingual community with a strong parent component. The majority of students participate in the free lunch program.

b. This is a 50/50 dual language program.  This is a Title 1 school where 51% of the population receives free or reduced lunch. The teachers are trained in the AIMS4S Cubed sheltering model and use it across the subject areas and with both languages.  Students in this program continue on to a middle school program.

   2. K – 8 Programs:


a. This is an 80/20 school-wide Spanish/English Dual Language program that utilizes the ODCE Project GLAD framework and American Reading Company ENIL/IRLA reading assessment.

b. This is a 90/10 school-wide Spanish/English dual language program that utilizes the OCDE Project GLAD® framework that focuses on team teaching.

    3. Indigenous Language Programs:


a. In this Early Childhood/PreK - 6th grade Tewa Language and Culture is the central focus in providing instruction to students FACE through Project Based and Land Based Learning. Through this approach, students are centered to understand where they are from, the importance of speaking and understanding Tewa, and developing a strong pride of being from their community.  


    4.  Middle School Programs:


a. This school is dedicated to diversity, differentiation, teaming, middle-level philosophy, and learning for all. This 50/50 Dual Language program began in 1999 and has grown and evolved servicing hundreds of families. This school has a dual language bilingual education model that has gained a reputation as one of the best developed and implemented middle school Spanish-English dual language programs in New Mexico.

b. This is a 50/50 dual language program.  Students come to this program from an elementary dual language program. This is a Title 1 school where 51% of the population receives free or reduced lunch. Teachers are trained in the AIMS4S Cubed sheltering model and use it across the subject areas and with both languages.


   5. High School Programs:


a. This program is a strand within the school.  Advanced Placement courses are offered in Spanish. Students complete their experience by participating in the Bilingual Seal process recognized by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

 6. K - 12 Programs:


a. Founded in 2007, this school addresses socio-cultural gaps prevalent in a region struggling to cope with the balance between an agricultural and tourist economy. This school offers a forward thinking model of education.  Here, students from all over the world join together to learn how to be creative, multilingual, compassionate and responsible global leaders while engaging in authentic learning experiences focused heavily on developing a students’ sense of place in the world.  This is accomplished through experiential and hands on curricular and extra-curricular initiatives. As an authorized IB World School (preschool to 12th grade) this program exposes students to a rigorous and meaningful academic program that is fundamentally rooted in peace practices and the IB community profile. 


When registering, please make your selection and enter your choice on the conference registration form—for example, 1a), 2b), etc. Be sure to indicate a first and second choice. The La Cosecha Conference Planning Committee will do its best to accommodate one of the two choices that you have selected, but cannot guarantee that all of your choices will be available, as schools are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend you register early. Our committee understands that some schools send a team of teachers to the school visits. However, please note that because of limited space, it is not always possible to assign all members of a school team to the same school site.