Wednesday, November 4, 2020

6:30 a.m – 3:00 p.m

La Cosecha provides you an opportunity to visit an established dual language school and experience effective dual language instruction and routines first-hand in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, N.M. School visits begin with a program overview, followed by student-led classroom visits, and conclude with a Q & A. 


Breakfast and lunch are provided for all school visit participants. School visits are a ticketed event and fill prior to the conference.

The following programs will be available for school site visits. 


  1. K – 5 Elementary Programs:


a. Visit a school-wide 90/10 dual language program with a focus on inquiry-based teaching and learning, and rigorous academic skills necessary to function in our local, national and international communities, along with a strong parent component.


b. In this program, students are instructed in English and Spanish utilizing an 80/20 model. Students represent a diverse, multicultural, multilingual community with a strong parent component. The majority of students participate in the free lunch program. 


c. A balance of language model is a program with both an 80/20 strand and a 50/50 strand. Both programs strive to have an equal mix of Spanish and English dominant students or, at the very least, a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. The OCDE Project GLAD® framework is used at this site and 100% of students receive free breakfast and lunch. 


d. In this program, students are instructed in Spanish and English utilizing a 50/50 model and it is a strand within the school. The end goal of this program is to have students able to do grade-level work in math, reading, science and social studies in English and Spanish.


e.  In this program, students begin kindergarten and first grade with a 70/30 language structure in order to encourage the use of more Spanish among the English dominate students and heritage language learners. At grade 2 students move to a 50/50 model.


   2. K – 8 Programs:


a. This is a 90/10 school-wide Spanish/English dual language program that utilizes the OCDE Project GLAD® framework and a 50/50 program that utilizes GLAD and SIOP and they focus on team teaching.


    3. Indigenous Language Programs:


a. These program(s) offer indigenous language classes as part of their bilingual, multicultural education program.  Many of these language classes are selected and supported by Tribal Language Councils and include offerings around Native American Literature (for written language form supported by Tribal Councils), Personal Wellness and Indigenous Values. 


    4.  Middle School Programs:


a. This dual language program is designed for students who are already bilingual and biliterate and is a strand within the school. Students have a language arts block in both English and Spanish, in addition to content area classes offered in both languages. 


   5. High School Programs:


a. This program is a strand within the school.  Advanced Placement courses are offered in Spanish. Students complete their experience by participating in the Bilingual Seal process recognized by the New Mexico Public Education Department.



When registering, please make your selection and enter your choice on the conference registration form—for example, 1a), 2b), etc. Be sure to indicate a first and second choice. The La Cosecha Conference Planning Committee will do its best to accommodate one of the two choices that you have selected, but cannot guarantee that all of your choices will be available, as schools are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend you register early. Our committee understands that some schools send a team of teachers to the school visits. However, please note that because of limited space, it is not always possible to assign all members of a school team to the same school site.


Participating schools are located in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Notification of school assignment and check-in times for participants will be sent via email prior to the conference start date. There will be early check-in at the Santa Fe Convention Center Wednesday, November 4th and transportation will be provided to assigned school visit site. 

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