Pre-Conference Institutes

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

9:00 am - 3:00 pm MST


La Cosecha Pre-Conference Institutes respond to specific topics and needs of DLE classrooms and programs. These one-day intensive institutes permit time for professional engagement and exploration of a particular topic/need. These institutes will take place on a complete VIRTUAL platform and due to the level of interaction in each institute space is limited.​ Note: Pre-conference institute fees are IN ADDITION to the regular La Cosecha Conference Registration.  You can register for this year's Pre-conference institutes as a stand-alone conference activity, CLICK HERE for more information.

Applying a Can Do Lens to Multilingual Development

This interactive institute from WIDA will explore ways to use WIDA’s Standards Frameworks for Spanish, WIDA’s Performance Definitions, and other related tools that can be used for determining students’ linguistic strengths and planning language instruction and assessment in the bilingual classroom. (max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Yvonne Williams and Tim Boals

CAL SIOP for Dual Language Programs: Developing Language and Content in Two Languages 

This interactive institute from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is designed to provide participants with an overview on using SIOP methods in DL instruction. K-12 DL teachers and coaches will learn about the eight components of the SIOP Model while addressing the three pillars of DL programs: bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and socio-cultural competence. The Institute will include a variety of activities, including demonstrations, simulations, explanations and small-group tasks and will encourage reflection needed for each teacher to adapt the CAL SIOP methods to their own unique circumstances. No prior knowledge of the SIOP Model is required for participation. School teams are encouraged to attend together. (max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Lisa Tabaku

DLE Secondary Institute: Essentials for Planning and Implementation 

This institute explores the essential components of a secondary (7th – 12th grade) dual language education program model, including the instructional expectations and accountability of the dual language secondary classroom. The institute will be facilitated by veteran dual language teachers, educational leaders, researchers and students, who will speak to their experiences in implementing and sustaining a successful DLE program. Together we will explore the challenges and potential responses as well as celebrate the promising practice we have identified TOGETHER.  Facilitators will include contributors of Transforming Secondary Education:  Middle and High School Dual Language Programs, published by Fuente Press - (max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Dr. Mario Ferrón and Dual Language Educational Leaders from the San Antonio, Tx area.

Español académico en CILAC Freire:  Enseñando y aprendiendo 

En este Instituto, compartiremos nuestra experiencia como facilitadores del la enseñanza del español en el Centro Internacional de Lenguas, Arte y Cultura Paulo Freire, desde la perspectiva Freiriana que existe entre la Lengua, Cultura y la Realidad.  Revisaremos algunos errores communes en el uso del español hablado y escrito, así como algunas estrategías para reforzar su aprendizaje en el aula y en la vida cotidiana.  La intención final después de este Instituto, es que cada participante tenga una perspectiva más sensible de sus estudiantes.  (max 40 participants) 

Facilitadores:  Beatriz Martha Mata Ramírez y Francisco Lagunas Ibarra  

Translanguaging Allocation for Dual Language Bilingual Education

This interactive, pre-conference institute will provide examples of multiple dual language classrooms implementing a translanguaging space. Participants will explore how to design and plan for a classroom space for instruction and assessment, and strategies to be used with bilingual students. 

The one-day workshop will address topics such as:

  • What is translanguaging and what it is not? (using the data from our Critical Conversations on Translanguaging)

  • The Three Pillars of Dual Language Education

  • Planning for translanguaging allocation in a dual language classroom (documentation, rings, and transformation) 

  • Developing a translanguaging repository community

(max 100 participants) 

Facilitators:  Susana Ibarra-Johnson, Natalie Olague and other teacher leaders 

Las Trenzas y su Trenzaweaver: El desarrollo de currículo y de instrucción de artes languages en español de sexto a doceavo

En este pre-instituto se presentarán y se trabajarán Las Trenzas (el lenguaje, la cultura, y la conciencia crítica) como marco conceptual y guía de instrucción y planeación del maestr@ de artes del lenguajes. Se les proveerá modelos de planeación de acuerdo a su grado, textos complejos para analizar de un tema preseleccionado, y colaboración crítica para desempeñar unos modelos de plantillas para adaptarse a sus salones donde quieran aplicarlos. El taller será virtual con el mismo rigor; que uno de cara a cara, para enfocarse en la lectoescritura digital. Se explorará el uso de estrategias del translenguaje y la biliteracidad. Se les invita a tod@s los que estén interesados en enseñar este magnifico y novedoso contenido y convivir con gente con la misma visión.

(max 100 participants)

Facilitators: Luiz García, Velia Cortalano, and Mishelle Jurado

Literacy Squared®

Description coming soon! (max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Sue Hopewell, Jody Slavik, Kathy and Manuel Escamilla

Math In the Real World:  Making Math Relevant

Join us for this hands-on, interactive institute addressing math instruction and how we can best meet the needs of our language learners and students who struggle with math. This year’s pre-conference institute will focus on strategies that give students an opportunity to see math in the world around them. This session targets K-8 mathematics teachers as well as district and school-based math leaders. Participants will experience the strategies, see them in action with students in a classroom demonstration and have an opportunity to apply them to their own teaching/ position.  An overview of DLeNM’s powerful mathematics framework, Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success (AIM4S³™), will be included.

(max 75 participants)

Facilitators:  Evelyn Chávez, Erin Mayer, Lisa Meyer, and DLeNM’s AIM4S³™ Trainer Team

Optimizing Instruction for Multilingual Learners: Focus on Special Educational Needs 

In this institute we will examine key components of effective instruction for multilingual learners with special educational needs including:  peer interaction, oral communication, comprehension and bilingualism.  During the day we will: 

  • Interactively practice instruction and intervention approaches for both young and adolescent students

  • Survey classroom-based research that optimizes learning

  • Explore multilingual resources and supporting research pertaining to the benefits of bilingualism for learners with special educational needs.

(max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Cristina Sánchez-López and Theresa Young 

Spanish Language Arts (K-5) 

Description coming soon! (max 100 participants)

Facilitators:  Igone Arteagoitia