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!Seguimos con la cosecha! The Planning Committee for La Cosecha 2024 invites you to share your teaching strategies and dual language expertise with your colleagues by presenting at this year’s conference. The planning committee is particularly interested in having classroom teachers to share instructional best practices with conference attendees.

Call for Proposals 

Presentation Submission Guidelines

La Cosecha Conference presentations will align with the seven strands of the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education document. 

Proposal submissions should:

  • specifically, address dual language education;

  • when possible, show alignment with the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education;

  • articulate how the presentation content responds to a need or interest of classroom teachers and community members, and;

  • consist of hands-on activities, lecture, demonstration, and/or discussion.


Download Presenter Expectations and Responsibilities​.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Submit Proposal

Conference Strands

Los programas educativos de la inmersión dual

Dual Language Education Programs

Los aspectos esenciales de la inmersión dual

Dual Language Essentials

La metodología inspirada en el éxito

Achievement Inspired Instruction

This is the space to introduce the business and what it has to offer. Define the qualities and values that make it unique.


  • Primaria/Secundaria K-20

    PreK 20 Implementation

    For participants interested in the design and implementation of effective DLE programming in new and veteran programs.

  • This is a paragraph where you can include any information you’d like. It’s an opportunity to tell a story about the company.

  • Describe a feature you’d like to share about this company or highlight a particular service it offers.

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